How to Use Your Brain to the fullest to Make Your Dreams Come True

Left Brain vs. Right Brain

Your brain has two hemispheres, or sides – left and right – and each has different abilities. For example, your ability to be creative, to dream, to have a vision of the future, is on the right side of your brain. Your ability to make logical, practical plans and execute those plans is on the left side.

Entrepreneurs and the Brain

Many would-be entrepreneurs have a wonderful vision of the future but have little or no plan of how to get there. They are right-brain dominant. On the other hand, many others who start their own business possess very practical or technical skills with no real ability to see the “larger picture”. They are left-brain dominant.

Unfortunately, both groups have a high failure rate because they do not fully utilize the natural abilities in both sides of their brains.

Tips for Using Your Whole Brain

So how can you use the natural power of both sides of your brain to not just dream, but to also make those dreams come true? Here are some tips for you:

  • When      creating your vision, stimulate the right side of your brain by putting      logic aside for a while and allowing yourself to dream and be creative –      unleash the power of your imagination.
  • Use      as many senses as possible to record your vision. For example, write it      down, draw it or find pictures that represent what you want and create a      vision board. Tell others about it. By the way, because each sense has its      own location in your brain, the more senses you involve, the more      brainpower you’ll use.
  • Once      you have created and recorded your vision, it is time to simulate the left      side of your brain – the practical side. Think of the vision you created      as the destination. Now plan concrete and logical steps to reach that      destination and make it a reality.
  • Document      the plan and place it and your vision board somewhere where you will see      them frequently. Every time you see them, they activate the areas of the      brain you used to create them, bringing your dream closer to reality.

Ned Herrmann, a neuroscientist and author of The Whole Brain Business Book, calls this sort of processing, “whole brain functioning”.

Instead of using only the dominant side of your brain, capture the natural power of both sides, and you’ll be wildly more successful.

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